With one foot in tradition, the other in modern times and our head in the future!

artikel-unternehmenCraftsmanship is a matter of trust – we are aware of this and act accordingly. It is not for nothing that our namesake embodies innovation to a great extent on one hand and absolute reliability on the other: according to ancient mythology, Phereclus built the nimble ship which served as the most important weapon for the Trojan prince Paris in his attempt to win beautiful Helen’s heart. If it had not been for the legendary shipbuilder’s experienced crafting skills – the story would have had to be rewritten.

In full spirit of the great Greek, we offer you our full range of experience: founded in Hamburg and now based in Düsseldorf, our company not only has a specialized team at command but also an efficient and dynamic organizational structure. Thanks to our high quality standards and realistic prices, Phereclus is firmly established especially on the German and Scandinavian market of corrosion protection and surface coating.

Efficient, reliable and flexible

Since 2007, Phereclus has offered solutions for both corrosion protection and surface treatment that are geared to your needs. Despite the company’s young history, Phereclus has been able to establish itself in the offshore area within a short period of time – and successfully implement numerous projects of every size to our clients’ satisfaction. In fact, our formula for success is at the same time your satisfaction guarantee: we are efficient, reliable and flexible.

Your demands define our goods and services: whether large-scale projects or ambitiously specialized orders, our well-practiced teams of 60 to 200 workers ensure maximum flexibility, for our special rotation system of employees arranges production and rest periods at concurrent and flexible standby times.

There is one thing we are not flexible with: our aspiration to offer you guaranteed high quality work for the best cost-benefit ratio.

To act reliably means to us additionally: fairness and transparency towards clients and our own workforce as well as to absolutely adhere to full statutory and property right regulations – such as hedging measures, minimum wages and law on the posting of workers. You can bet on it!